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 YellowJacket press, 2015.

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“March 18, 1923: Pas de Calais, Near Arras,” from Where Shadow Meets Water
              The Apalachee Review 68 (Fall/Summer 2018).

“Circular Reasoning.”  The Siren.  Spring 1997.

Creative Nonfiction

"An Equinox."  Saw Palm.  Winter 2020/21.

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Private Lives Column.  19 January 1994. Tampa Bay Times: 1D


"Telephone Call."  Urthona Buddhist Arts Magazine.  (forthcoming Summer 2024)

"Theory of Gravity" Chameleon Chimera: An Anthology of Florida Poets (Fall 2023)
"Pecky Cypress."  South Florida Poetry Journal. ( February 2023).

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“A First World War Veteran Recounts the Hurricane of 1921,” Chasing Light: Poems Inspired by the Burgert Brothers               Photographs.  Gianna Russo, Editor.  Yellowjacket Press, 2020.
“for Paul Zweig.”  South Florida Poetry Journal.  May 2018.

“The Girl and the Cello,” “How to Bow,” and “No Country for Young Men.”  And the Rocks Will Hum, a Peter Meinke                      commemorative volume.  Winter 2017.

“Late Trail.”  Pinyon.  Commemorative Issue.  (Spring 2016): 70.
“This is the Name for the God Who Speaks.”  Apalachee Review 66 (Fall 2016): 54.
“6th Century Chronometer,” “Deer Hunting in the Everglades,” “Whistling.”  Glass Bottom Sky: 10 Years of                               YellowJacket Press Silvia Curbelo and Gregory Byrd, Eds.  YellowJacket Press,
“Dark Lesson.”  The Eckerd Review.  Spring 2014.
“Salt and Iron,(video)
“Dark Lesson,” “No Country for Young Men.”  Fables of the Eco Future. Gallery Show.  Hambidge

            Center for the CreativeArts and Sciences.  Rabun Gap, Georgia. March 30-June 8, 2013.  Also as hardbound

             printed volume.
“Gjuetia e drerit ne Everglades” (“Deer Hunting in the Everglades”), “Teoria e gravitetit”
          (“Theory of Gravity”), “Ne Penuel” (“At Penuel”), Trans. Arian
Poeteka 19(Autumn 2011).

“Gjuetia e drerit ne Everglades” (“Deer Hunting in the Everglades”), “Teoria e  gravitetit” (“Theory of Gravity”), “Ne

               Penuel” (“At Penuel”),  Trans. Arian Leka. Milosao 17 April 2011: 8-9.

”Orpheus Today” Eckerd Review 2011

“Going for the Honey” and “Palafox Road” Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Journal of Florida Literature (Fall 2008)
“Ras Gene” Apalachee Review 57 (Fall 2007)
Dusk,” The Cortland Review 36 (August 2007)
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"High School All-Star" and "Ted Williams' Toothpick."  Gulf Stream 26 (2006): 23-26.
"White Rose" and "Introduction to American Literature."  Snake Nation Review.   
"Advice" and "First Cold"  Eckerd College Review.  Spring 2006.
“Why Men Work,” “What Galahad Could Not Do,” “A Fire Between Them and
          Everything Else.”  Family Matters:  Poems of Our Families Bottom Dog
           Press, 2005. 
“After Being Asked What I Thought of Neruda’s ‘The Enigmas.’” 
          The Cortland Review
 26  (Spring 2004). 
"Tintoretto Painting His Dead Daughter (after Leon Cogniet)" and
"Groundhog Day (after Andrew Wyeth)" Ekphrasis 3.1
             (Spring/Summer 2003): 18-19.
"Plantation Key Dump" and "Swimming the Green Canals with an Old
               Dog."  Apalachee Review 51(Spring/Summer 2002): 40-43.
"Crossing the Appalachians by Motorcycle," and "Monk Parrots."  you
                are here:  the journal of creative geography
  4.1 (Summer 2002): 30-31.

“Bourbon.”  MacGuffin. 16.3 (Fall 1999): 104.

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Featured Poet:  “Claire de Lune,” “Salvage,” “Tintoretto Painting his Dead

Daughter (after Leon Cogniet), ”  “Britain’s Chief Executioner Dies,” 

“Space Shuttle Discovery Orbits Near Enough to Be Seen with Naked

Eye.”  Pinyon Poetry 5 (Spring 1998):  22-30.

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“Writing the Rosetta Stone.”  Poet Lore 92.2 (Summer 1997):  22.

“Theory of Gravity.”  Tampa Review 16 (Summer 1998):  24.

  *Nominated for a 1998 Pushcart Prize

“Handwork.”  Scarp 28 (May 1996):  39. (New South Wales, Australia).

“Skydiving.”  New CollAge 24.3 and 25.1 (1996): 9.      

“The Caller’s Message.”  Tampa Review 11 (Fall 1995):  32.     

“Farewell to Lincoln Square.(video)”  College English 57.3 (March 1995):  337

“Tarpon.”  Scarp 26 (May 1995):  51.  (New South Wales, Australia).    

“Deer Hunting in the Everglades. (video)”  International Quarterly 1.4 (1994): 98.

“Letter to a Musician Who Has Lost the Ability to Remember,”  “Thrift Store,”

“Tarpon,” and “Insomnia.”  The Panhandler 28 (1994): 10-16.

“Late Epithalamion.”  Tampa Review 9 (Fall 1994):  52.

“Handing Down the Dead.”  Pavement Saw (Spring 1994):  28.

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“Why I Watch James Bond.”  Whiskey Island Magazine (Fall 1990):  36.

“Wyler’s Blues.”  Half Tones to Jubilee (1990):  30.

 “Meeting Jeff at Mrs. Mac’s Grill.”  Panhandler (1990).

“Burning Clean” and Loggerhead.”  New CollAge 21.2 (1990):  6.

“Whistling.”  North of Wakulla (Anhinga Press Anthology:  1989):  154.

 “Whistling.”  Gryphon 13.1 (1988):  12.



“Lowtide Sunset, Dunedin, Florida,” “Sheepdog, Apollonia, Albania,”  “No Gondola.” Roads Traveled Landscape Exhibit.    Cloudfolios Feb 1, 2019.

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