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“In The Name for the God Who Speaks, Gregory Byrd explores the fine but ever-present thorns that snag at the skin of life. Life here a ‘series of fronts and storms that never to seem to settle,’ a place where even our most cherished memories are unavoidably warped by loss. Poem after poem, Byrd delivers what we expect to find in a good book of poetry: convincing narratives, memorable images, and a meditative impulse that knows to linger just long enough. It is refreshing to discover a poet who is not obscure or clever for the sake of cleverness; who tells a clear and convincing story and, yet, who does not shy away from the complicated, often difficult, particulars of living that exist just beyond the reach of easy explanation.”    —Terry L. Kennedy, author of New River Breakdown 

The Name for the God Who Speaks dives deep in Florida's Gulf Stream and finds its way through threat of disease, and a way back from what is 'learned late in dark night.'  It is a brave book with a hard edge and a soft spot that cradles what cannot be protected or lost.  --Loueva Smith

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